Weekly Creativechain Weekly Competition: Satoshi Nakamoto [Crypto Prizes]

Creativechain is a blockchain platform for multimedia registration and distribution that enduringly certifies the intellectual properties and their distribution licenses of digital art, and they host a weekly art competition for interested artists for a CREA prize to the winner. The theme this week is the creator of the first blockchain database and Bitcoin developer himself, Satoshi Nakamoto! Tease those creative nerves, and let your creativity spill onto the page for this week’s contest! To compete, follow the instructions in the Contest Link below and publish your entry on the Creativechain platform.

Platform Name: Creativechain
Contest Link: https://www.creativechain.org/satoshinakamoto/
Theme: Satoshi Nakamoto
Dates: July 25 – August 1
Reward: 2000 CREA

Website: https://www.creativechain.org/project/
Steemit Page: https://steemit.com/@creativechain
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Creative_Chain

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