The Whisper Gallery: A Collaborative + Visual Game of Telephone

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@mrblinddraw wanted to explore the question “What makes inspiration?” Is inspiration a tangible thing, or is it loosely based on fragments of our imagination and memories. Using the blockchain, @mrblinddraw created an artistic study. If any of you know of the game Telephone, the Whisper Gallery I is a visual representation of that. The beauty of Whisper is that it has no winners, and the excitement of it comes from the creative interpretations and featured artist creations made specifically for the gallery.

Whisper Gallery I

Let’s dive into the artistic innovation of Whisper Gallery I. There were a total of 15 featured artists in the gallery, all of whom were essentially blockchain curated to do their piece of work and present it to the community. The only ask was to make it inspired by the previous artist’s piece. Anyone can take it as literally or abstractly as they want.

The artists involved in Whisper Gallery I are:

Whisper Gallery I Wall.jpg
To see each image separately, you can visit the entire gallery here.

What is Whisper?

Each week there’s a featured artist, and each artist represents something that basically pays homage to the previous piece. It is a brilliant execution on a simple concept. The gallery represents the blockchain, Steemit paired with natural flowing collaboration and in a way a scientific look at how inspiration works within an artist circle.

What separates this version of Whisper from the children’s game is that the intention isn’t to necessarily try to repeat a carbon copy image of the artist each week, but to see each person’s own style, vision, and how they react to the other piece. We’re all different, and it’s a beautiful thing.

I wanted to note that the level of these contributions are very high. It’s art gallery level content which I believe reflects on the power of the system and willingness/free-flowing qualities for artists to contribute.



This post was authored by @mrblinddraw.
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