The Volareo Smart Speaker: Blockchain Music Made Simple


The word out. Volareo + Musicoin = Alexa on Blockchain Steroids

Volareo is a smart speaker, the speaker itself can be controlled via app or voice commands and will allow listeners to directly ‘tip’ their favorite artists by tapping the speaker or clapping their hands as well as allowing the listener to connect more directly with artists. In addition, Artists gets paid by the cryptocurrency, $Musicoin.


Clap to Tip!

Yes sounds crazy! But Volareo the Blockchain Speaker pays musicians when you clap. This smart speaker ensures that you can tangibly and instantly support your favourite artist

Musicoin: The Cryptocurrency​ for Musicians
Volareo is powered by Musicoin (Blockchain Music Streaming Platform) has made the payments to musicians instant and direct to the artist via the blockchain​.
Each play equals one $Musicoin, worth about ten to twenty cents (depending on crypto market prices)

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