The OG Twitter Accounts [Creative Edition]


You Are What You Tweet

Twitter is the conduit in which the crypto world gets most of its information out. More so than the other centralized social media titans, you’ll find every blockchain-reliant company using Tweets to inform and grow their audiences. And although blockchain is still wet behind the ears, Twitter has been around long enough for others to claim the accounts that are so desired today. We see this all the time and even our own account ‘[@]creative_crypto’ needs an underscore to differentiate it from the original ‘[@]creativecrypto’, which is another private account.


Today, to kick off the much needed weekend during these bearish times, we’re scoping around to see who the original stakeholders of well known crypto business names are and if they happen to have any relation to the new decentralized work. The results are even more amusing than you would initially suspect, so let’s hop right in!


Let’s start off with an oddball. Creativechain is a blockchain dedicated to supporting artists and designers who want to retain full ownership of their images, doing away with third parties like Shutterstock. Unfortunately, the promising creative network fell to the same fate as The Creative Crypto, resorting to including an underscore since it collided with their inactive friend below –



It’s always the worst when dead accounts box you out of claiming an account name, and the exciting Codex project suffered the same fate. [@]Codex is occupied by a now deceased magazine dedicated to typography. RIP [@]codex, time for some new protocols.



The PROPS project is one of the most respected initiatives, turning high anticipation and one of the most successful ICOs into real products and programs. Borne out of the bonafide streaming company YouNow, we’re already seeing apps like Rize (BTW [@]rize is also taken up by an unofficial account for a city in Turkey) transform the way we interact through decentralized media.

While strutting a much less ‘common’ name than the others in this list, PROPS was also beat to the punch by [@]props, a barren account that only averaged a handful of tweets at most each year since beginning in 2012.



Musicoin wasn’t the first to secure a Twitter account but definitely edged out the competition, or whatever the older account is. The original [@]musicoin boasts a similar mission to the current blockchain, to “create a cryptocurrency for the music world.” It did little to achieve that, other than snagging up both the Twitter handle and



Finally, likely the most amusing parallel universe, is Dada. [@]Powerdada is all about the collaborative works of its creative network and platform. It would be safe to assume that any company or group using the term “dada” would be somewhat creatively inclined, and we find that to be true on both sides of these Twitter accounts. But the original Dada account is so different from what we’re used to seeing is a premiere decentralized effort that it took us by great surprise. The [@]dada account is a marketing and PR firm out of Scotland… pretty evident, no?


Do you know of any other technological speed bumps like this in the blockchain world? We’re always looking for the little quirks in the blockchain world, so please do share with us!

Cover Illustration by @zsolt.vidak

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