The JOY of Crypto-Art: Showcase on John Orion Young

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The Art of JOY

John Orion Young (JOY) is a contemporary artist living in San Francisco, who creates amazing, surrealistic 3D artworks in Oculus Medium using the virtual reality headset Oculus Rift.

Classically trained from childhood in his father’s art studio in painting and sculpting, JOY’s mediums today have evolved to include virtual reality, blockchain, and AI.


JOY Art Market

His website contains a unique “”Joy Art Market“”, where anyone can buy his artworks using Ether cryptocurrency through the well known Metamask browser extension.


But the JOY Art Market comes with a twist: Buyers are not able to hold the artwork when a new buyer is willing to pay a higher price.

The moment a work of art becomes yours, the price is set by the Smart Contract for the next buyer. This guarantees you a nice profit if the work is bought from you. Lower prices have smaller jumps so the work may flip quicker. At higher prices, it is easier to hold a work of art in your collection longer.


The artist just takes a small 10% fee on each transaction for development and art.


Most of the artworks at the marketplace have already become quite pricey, but new artworks are release on a regulary basis.

However, if you are in his Discord channel or follow his Twitter, JOY gives notice of days that he will be releasing sculptures, which start at 0.001 Eth, so if you are there at the right time, you might get one for a lot less: only to have someone immediately buy it from you and leave you with a small profit.



Following the artist’s roadmap, every artwork will become part of a virtual JOYworld, “”a magical creative space in virtual reality where you will be able to experience the art you own.””


All of the art is created by John Orion Young in virtual reality with the intended experience to be in augmented, mixed, and virtual reality. We are starting with the Ethereum art market and working towards you experiencing your artworks in other realities.


JOY also plans to have a store in the virtual world Decentraland (Source). The following video gives you an idea of the artworks moving in a virtual reality environment.

Making Of

In case you’re wondering about the virtual reality sculpting process, JOY has also shared some interesting making-of videos at his youtube-channel.

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