The Crypto Renaissance Poster Winners

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Blockchain as a New Artform

Last week, we announced an open call to design a poster for our upcoming exhibition in New York – The Crypto Renaissance. We received some of the most diverse entries with awesomely wild interpretations and can all be seen in the comments of the original announcement. Today, we’re excited to share the top entries, including ones we’ll be using to promote the event.

The Top 3

Congrats to @aaronhong for 1st place! We’re ecstatic about the creative use of the Fibonacci sequence and the integration of the all our elements and information. Big thanks to Aaron for what will be an invaluable component to the exhibition.

We also love that NYC billboard photoshop work visible in the thumbnail, above! You can see the original submission here.

Second Place @happyksu

2nd goes to @happyksu! Lots of energy in this one and really showcases the creative energies of the Steem community.

You can see the original submission here.

Third Place @albert0davila

3rd goes to @albert0davila. Alberto really captures the latest Creation of a new realm of artistic practice in this world. Just as Michelangelo flourished within the new models of patronage of his time, 21st century creatives are beginning to leverage the tremendous resource of blockchain.

You can see the original submission here.

Honorable Mentions

@johnbird also produces a fantastic composition with two of the most well-known hands in existence.

You can see the original submission here.

@miguelguacamaya2 brings in a different rendition of the famous sequence and rounds out a great composition for the event.

You can see the original submission here.

@ceheiberg captures the strongest elements of the show in an incredibly dynamic way.

You can see the original submission here.

@mbell brings in a much more contemporary feel for the next generation of renaissance-d creators.

Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 2.17.15 PM.png

You can see the original submission here.

And our family-friendly award goes out to @artgirl for making the most feel-good entry of all.

You can see the original submission here.

Thank you to everyone who participated! We’re just about to launch the full campaign to fundraise and execute The Crypto Renaissance exhibition so be sure to stay tuned for the major announcement early next week!

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