The Creative Crypto Workshop at The Crypto Renaissance [NYC Event]

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Curious about how our Creative Crypto Magazine came to be?

Interested in learning more about The Creative Crypto and how we’ve bootstrapped a magazine on a blockchain? Join us for an extensive workshop that will equip you with the tools needed to be involved and create your very own blockchain-powered site!

We have a lot of content that we will go through in our presentation which includes:

  • The structure of the website on the Steem blockchain
  • How the Steempress app is used
  • How we commission custom creative work and articles from around the world
  • How all creative professionals can be involved/rewarded in contributing to the project

We strongly encourage everyone to come out and learn about our process so you can start magazines like the Creative Crypto as well!

The event is hosted as a program for The Crypto Renaissance exhibition in New York City.

Event Meetup Link:

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