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Decentralizing Creative Coverage

Welcome to our monthly call for contributions! The Creative Crypto maintains a new decentralized model for rewarding contributors with anything from unique creative thumbnails to article submissions. Our core team can’t be at every event concerning creativity and blockchain tech, nor can we discuss every new facet and potential of the technology with depth, so we’ve created a system to reward global contributors that help us capture this newfound creative energy.

Here are the major ways and subthemes for which you can showcase your writing, coverage, and analysis with The Creative Crypto –

Main Articles

Major thought pieces and reporting. Interested in creating longform content and helping diversify the work of The Creative Crypto? We’re always interested in hosting analytical, discursive, and simply fun work on the magazine. These can include –


Event coverage. Did you attend a major creative-themed blockchain event like last month’s NIFTY conference in Hong Kong or the SF Gray Area Festival? Since the core CC team can’t be everywhere at all times, we’re looking for both individual attendants and involved companies to share their experiences and takeaways. For interested audience members, we’ll coordinate with involved parties on your behalf to gain access and snag an insider scoop. A great example is Dada’s recent overview of the Christie’s Art + Tech conference.

Ongoing content and engagement. We’ve begun to bring on more regular contributors to build out ongoing serieses of content including Brian Flynn’s weekly NFTY NEWS. We encourage consistent contributions and curation, and welcome any ideas to host new efforts on the magazine’s website.

If you are interested in contributing along any of these topics, please email hello[@] with a succinct summary of the work you would like to pursue.


The Creative Crypto Billboard is the public roster of all creative things and happenings in the blockchain world. Submissions are welcome from anyone and any organization looking to share along the following topics –

  • New creative product or platform
  • Upcoming events involving blockchain and creative disciplines
  • Community engagement from blockchain companies
  • Contests and open calls
  • Recordings, videos, and other documentation
  • …and other actionable developments in the blockchain sector


We have an official Typeform submissions template for anyone looking to submit Billboard articles and announcements.

CC Submit an Article.png

Already Produce Ongoing Content? Receive Support from The Creative Crypto Whitelist

We announced last month that we’ve set up a magazine voting whitelist that systematizes support for creative blockchain initiatives. Regardless of whether you contribute directly to the magazine, we want to support your efforts! We’re leveraging our growing stake in the Steem blockchain to upvote various initiatives and help them generate more Steem cryptocurrency. So far, the list includes –

If you’re interested in learning about and joining the whitelist, check out our post for more details.

These calls for contributions are always open and ongoing. We’ll publish these announcements during the first week of each month. We hope you’ll join us in crafting a new decentralized future!

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