The Best Worst Crypto Soundtrack

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Or the Worst Best Soundtrack?

The crypto craze is definitely starting to creep up on all of us in the most imaginative ways. From Oscar Meyer Weiner’s Bacoin distribution to John Oliver’s incisive poke at the growing industry, we’re seeing more and more mainstream commentary on the culture, hype, and vision of blockchain. One such glorious by-product is crypto-themed music.

So today, we present to you some of the most fun, creative, hilarious, cringeworthy and epic songs that you should sync up to your sound systems. Each offers a funky window in the world of cryptocurrency. Enjoy!


First off, credit where credit is due and John Oliver highlighted this video in his crypto segment on his show. Chris Record produced what is not by far the most popular video of his, all surrounding his life in the HODL (Hold On for Dear Life) Gang. No more words, just watch.

Bitcoin Cash

What is it about crypto that brings out the rap game in all of us? Whatever the rationale, we wanted to showcase another prime example before moving on to other genres of crypto musical interpretations. This one by Lil Windex is much more narrative of many typical cryptocurrency experiences of starting off with as uninspired life and then getting hooked on crypto trading. The video is actually somewhat informative, touching on the history of Bitcoin and the ways to access or purchase it.

But seriously, all you country, R&B, punk, and funk singers out there, we’d love to see you all jump in and scrub some profits off of Lil Windex here.

Naomi Brockwell

Finally, a refreshing take that doesn’t involve Lambos and mansions! Brockwell (@skycorridors on Steemit) does a wonderful original on her ‘relationship’ with cryptocurrency in a much more uplifting environment.

Not only is Brockwell a talented singer, but also an active participant in the crypto news and media community. She maintains an active YouTube channelpodcast and is part of the @hardfork-series team!


You would be hard-pressed to find anyone in and around the crypto world who is unfamiliar with the whole affair of Bitconnect. It was the most popularized pyramid scheme and lending platform that came crashing down in late 2017. It was widely covered, even by mainstream outlets and public commentators, and stands as one of the richest repositories of memes in the blockchain world.

However, few know that the company behind Bitconnect actually funded a series of professional music videos with original soundtracks and choreography, all revolving around their own token. Knowing what we know now of whole ordeal, prepare for some major cringe.

Carlos Matos’ Remix

And now for the grand finale. This one concerns Bitconnect as well but definitely was not a production by the developer team. Dylan Locke took the infamous speech by Carlos Matos at a Bitconnect conference and transformed it into a well-crafted EDM remix. So go ahead, take a few shots, turn down the lights, and jump on the hype train!

So there you have it, the current state of crypto-inspired tunes and dance routines. We’re enjoying the creative work that’s starting to emerge from this new domain and we absolutely expect many more of these glorious videos to come. If you come across anything that should make it into the next report of “Best Worst Soundtracks,” be sure to let us know at hello [at]!

thumbnail illustrated by @zsolt.vidak

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