The Best of This Week’s Billboard [July 25, 2018]


The Best of this Week’s Billboard is a weekly recap of billboard posts and announcements that gives a curated snapshot on the state of crypto creativity today. To read more Billboard articles, visit the dedicated page here.

THANK YOU to Everyone Who Joined at The Crypto Renaissance!

The Crypto Renaissance was a great success! There was a huge turnout, with hundreds of different people exploring the exhibition. There were people that were from the Steemit community and people that were quite well-versed in the crypto world with extensive knowledge on the blockchain. But there were also people that were more skeptical to the blockchain, and were genuinely curious about what Steem is about, what @sndbox is, and understanding cryptocurrency beyond just Bitcoin.

See the full recap post here.

FRAMED: Crypto-Inspired Photography Shoot

FRAMED is an artistic and fashion photography series exploring creativity and collaborative artistry, and each shoot has a different concept and is approached with a different mindset, skill set, and tool set. The ongoing idea is to set a new aesthetic precedent for the world of cryptocurrencies, starting with Steem, and developing a more visually vibrant culture around the new technology. For this concept in particular, they experimented with colored gel lighting. Taking different flash sources and covering them with a pigmented tint to see how we can color the subjects in different ways. Some of the acrylic was actually used as a gel cover for the flash as well. This brought together some odd and interesting images.

See the full shoot here.

Own Part of the Crypto Universe with ExoPlanets

ExoPlanets is a Ethereum-based crypto game that is based on space exploration, where the user can own an ExoPlanet and propagate life on it, expand outwards, and establish a system of smaller planets for resources. The amount of ExoPlanets that exist are directly correspondent to the number exoplanets that are verified in reality. The data is directly pulled from NASA, and the limited quantity of these planets turn them into a valuable assets that are high in rarity. Because NASA has only discovered 3,700 exoplanets so far, there are only 3,700 exoplanets that these players can work with. Each and every ExoPlanet is unique with its own set of graphics and animations.

Further details for ExoPlanets can be read in the full article here.

Presentation of Axie Infinity at TokenSky

Axie Infinity recently delivered a keynote presentation at the TokenSky Summit in Tokyo on July 5, 2018, delivered by Aleksander Leonard Larsen (COO) and Jeffrey Jiho Zirlin (Growth Lead). The presentation covers the origins and functions of the Axie Infinity ecosystem, as well as the future developments in the works.

Watch the full presentation video here.

Decentraland Launches $5 Million Decentralized Gaming Fund

This announcement introduces a great new initiative by Decentraland, where they are launching a whole new initiative to give opportunities to other projects, and provide them the tools and framework that innovators and entrepreneurs need to push the boundaries of blockchain gaming. Decentraland is starting a program called the Genesis Content Program, which is meant to invite different teams of developers and artists to submit proposals for their own respective interactive experiences or blockchain games. There is also an investment of $5 million in project financing to incentivize this innovation and growth for decentralized online gaming.

The full announcement can be read here.

CryptoArte: Visualizing the Ethereum Blockchain

The CryptoArte collection is an art project that merges the Ethereum blockchain with non-fungible tokens, and a decentralized platform. The collection itself is made up of 9,895 unique paintings, with each individual painting representing around 576 consecutive blocks of the Ethereum blockchain through a conglomeration of colors, shapes, and decorations.

The full article and platform links can be found here.

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