The Best of this Week’s Billboard [08/22]

The Best of this Week’s Billboard is a weekly recap of billboard posts and announcements that gives a curated snapshot on the state of crypto creativity today. To read more Billboard articles, visit the dedicated page here.

RARE AF 2.0 [January 12, 2019]

R.A.R.E. announced their upcoming and 2nd annual Rare AF/Rare Digital Art Festival! The conference event in New York City will feature leading figures and technologies in the realm of crypto and blockchain-powered digital art. Be sure to keep tabs on R.A.R.E.’s Twitter for future details of Rare AF 2.0 on January 12, 2019.

Follow their channels here for future announcements.

ETH.TOWN: Gamifying Real Estate

ETH.TOWN is a blockchain game where you are a real estate investor that is looking to buy low, sell high, get bonuses and grow your shares in the crypto-enterprise. This all takes place within the Crypto Tower, which is a tower structure that is 100% developed in the crypto world. The conditions are very malleable, as every floor has its own set of rules, such as different profit structures, regulations, etc.

Start flipping that blockchain real estate by learning more here.

Marble Cards

MarbleCards enables their users to preserve their digital memories as crypto collectibles. Anything that has its own respective URL is eligible to become essentially marbled into a collectible card. MarbleCards is based on the ERC721 protocol and each URL can only go through this process once. When you take ownership of the card, then it is yours to do whatever you want with it, such as sharing, trading, and saving.

Learn more about the developing new collectible today.

Dank Rares Podcast: Interview with Coin Artist

Dank Rares is a podcast that looks into the most influential work and people of the ‘CryptoArt’ world. DR is hosted by Jason Bailey and produced by HyperFreedom Productions, led by Adrienne and Erin Burke-Moran. For this episode, Jason speaks with Coin Artist and discusses her 5-figure, multi-year crypto puzzle.

Check out the podcast episode here.

Blockchain and Morty

Blockchain and Morty is a dubbed comedic and educational series created by Crypto Breakfast. The webisodes recreate scenes from the hit TV show Rick and Morty with blockchain and crypto-centric scenarios. Each of the 12 episodes thus far incorporate key terminology, recent news, and insider humor from the space.

Enjoy all the webisodes here.

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