The Best of this Week’s Billboard [08/15]


The Best of this Week’s Billboard is a weekly recap of billboard posts and announcements that gives a curated snapshot on the state of crypto creativity today. To read more Billboard articles, visit the dedicated page here.

Kevin Abosch and Ai Wei Wei Launch Blockchain Project “Priceless”


Kevin Abosch and Ai WeiWei are launching a creative project called Priceless, where they compile work which feature wallet addresses on the blockchain. These works represent numerous priceless moments that were shared between the two artists that are subsequently tokenized and sold to collectors and investors. Each wallet is then filled with varying amounts of their newly minted PRICELESS (PRCLS) token, which validates the wallet and can be further distributed.

To get a better understanding of the project context and what Priceless is about, the link to their website is here.

Jonas Lund Token: Invest in Individual Artistic Practices today

The Jonas Lund Token is an artistic project where the artist himself, Jonas Lund, makes 100,000 shares for his own personal artistic practice, where these shares give the shareholder influence and power over how Jonas Lund would make his decisions in the future regarding his creative work and projects. One share is equal to one vote, and owners of these tokens in turn become one of the members of Jonas Lund’s board of trustees.

Check out the rest of the photos from his exhibit, along with an interactive fun tool on the website. The full article on the token can be found here.

ArtBlocks: Make Art WITH the Blockchain

ArtBlocks is a platform that facilitates digital artists and creatives to have their artwork be reactive to the outputs that are coming out of the Ethereum blockchain, using the technology of smart contracts. These specific contracts are art nodes, where it creates a single output in the form of a hash string. There are limitless possibilities to which platforms can establish connections with the Art Nodes and creatives can then utilize these hash characters as parameters to create generative content.

For those who want have a full understanding of how the nodes generate the artwork, the full article goes into detail about how the images are formed.

Naomi Brockwell TV’s “How to Crypto if You’re an Artist” at The Crypto Renaissance

Naomi Brockwell interviews @sndbox‘s own Kirk Finkel and Michael Lee on How to Crypto if You’re an Artist. The interview is centered on the Crypto Renaissance, an exhibition that explores emerging tools that stand to revolutionize the creative world and reinvent outdated norms of artistic practice. Kirk and Michael explain the flaws of a centralized platform, while proposing the benefits of a decentralized system.

The full details on both Steemit and YouTube can be found in the full announcement post.

Cellarius: Collaborative Storytelling on the Blockchain

The universe of Cellarius is a collaborative storytelling platform that is situated in a near-future setting. Different forms of media such as art and written works will help contribute to telling the story of “What if?”, exploring the relationship between AI and the human being in future with major advancement of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Using familiar cyberpunk themes of a dystopian and troubled future while maintaining a more optimistic outlook on humanity’s destiny and place in the cosmos, this platform seeks to utilize the contributions of the community to help tell the story of the Cellarius Universe and log all work on the Ethereum blockchain.

To those who want a better understanding of how their plot was formed in addition to their long-term visions, check out the full article on Cellarius here.

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