The Best of this Week’s Billboard [08/09]

The Best of this Week’s Billboard is a weekly recap of billboard posts and announcements that gives a curated snapshot on the state of crypto creativity today. To read more Billboard articles, visit the dedicated page here.

Krypto Studios: An Art Gallery of the Crypto World

Krypto Studios is an art gallery based in Miami that is exclusively themed on cryptocurrency. Partnered with Codex, they strive to provide exposure for the cryptocurrency world through collective creative work of well known artists in the space. They provide numerous services for their customers such as copyright support, portfolio management, and business services.

Check out the full article to read about how it can change the industry here.

Designing a Decentralized Future with “Artists Re:Thinking the Blockchain”

Artists Re:Thinking the Blockchain is a book published by Torque Editions, and it is a compilation of projects involved with the blockchain through a diverse set of media. These include commissioned art documentation, fiction, essays, and illustrations. All of these ideas give their take on what path blockchain technology might take in the future. This book serves as a hub for contemporary ideas surrounding the enigma that is the blockchain and how it can begin to impact creative industries.

To see the full details regarding the book, check out the post here.
The free PDF for the book can also be found here.

Watch Christie’s ‘Art and Tech Summit: Exploring Blockchain’

Christie’s Art and Tech Summit focused on exploring the blockchain and speculated the question, Is the art world ready for consensus? This announcement provides a link to the full recording of the event for people who either missed it or want to watch certain highlights of the lecture.

For those that want to check out the full lecture, the link can be found here.

CryptoTwitter and the RippleClinton Memes

Former U.S. president Bill Clinton was announced as a keynote speaker for the upcoming Swell conference by Ripple. There has been some backlash from “Crypto Twitter” and an endless stream of creative memes.

To see the full explanation on some of these Clinton-memes, be sure to see the compilation post here.

Preorder “B is for Bitcoin” Children’s Book Today!

B is for Bitcoin is an adorable children’s book purely dedicated to illustrating terms that are used in the crypto world today, such as Algorithm to Zero knowledge. Written by Sam Lessin, it is available for pre-order today, where you can order anywhere from 1 copy to 100 copies for $25 per copy. What’s great is that all profits from this book will be donated towards the support of early childhood education.

To get the full details on the book’s pre-release, be sure to read the full announcement here.

DADA’s Workshop at The Crypto Renaissance

For those who are interested in the decentralization of the art world, DADA is having a workshop at the Crypto Renaissance work space where founders Judy Mam and Beatriz Ramos will be hosting a full keynote of their journey in the blockchain world as well as a workshop that goes through their platform, while opening the doors for NYC professionals to enter the crypto world and their empowered community.

Check out the full article to get the details on the upcoming workshop.

Reissuing the Ticket Experience with Blockparty

Blockparty is a decentralized event-ticketing protocol that is built on blockchain. This platform aims to address the existing problems that are occurring in the ticketing industry today. There are numerous obstacles that are preventing the existing industry from delivering fair prices, a seamless ticketing process, and an overall optimal experience, such as gate fraud, physical ticket accounting, and bots bulk buying the tickets ahead of time.

For those who want a better understanding on how the Blockparty system works, click this link to get the full details of the platform.

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