The Best of this Week’s Billboard [08/01]

The Best of this Week’s Billboard is a weekly recap of billboard posts and announcements that gives a curated snapshot on the state of crypto creativity today. To read more Billboard articles, visit the dedicated page here.

Bushwick Daily Article on The Crypto Renaissance

Bushwick Daily reporter Jonathan Gomez wrote an article covering the Crypto Renaissance that goes in-depth on how this event gives local residents a look into how creative professionals can immediately begin using cryptocurrency for their art, music, and philanthropy. He goes through many portions of the exhibit, highlighting Doug Karr’s Dwelling project and how Karr came to where he is today.

The full Bushwick article can be read in its entirety here.

ONO: Create the Decentralized World Through a Social Network

ONO is a blockchain-based social platform that is based on the EOS, and centers on the significance of attention while providing a unrestricted, decentralized social network to a new global audience. This billboard article is particularly important when understanding how this platform differs from the Steemit platform, and why other people would use this upcoming platform while addressing the problems of Steemit. The pros and cons are laid out for each platform, along with any recent announcements regarding the development of ONO.

Any additional information that you might be curious about can be found in the full article here.

Maecenas: Transparent Art Auctions on the Blockchain

Maecenas is a blockchain-powered art investment platform. It provides a new online marketplace that gives art lovers the chance to buy shares in famous paintings. Maecenas seeks to create a decentralized art gallery and distribution system where anyone can partially own famous pieces of art from Picassos to Warhols. This article goes more in depth on how this kind of system can change the way big historical art painting auctions are held, as it is emphasized that the outdated system of these auctions are still utilized for whatever reason today.

You can read about their token system and how it’s used, in addition to the full process in a diagram here.

R.A.R.E. Auction + Distribute Your Digital Art on the Blockchain

The Rare Art Registry Exchange, (R.A.R.E) isn’t your typical art platform that is based on the blockchain, as it also includes an auction function to ensure a compromised sale between the artist and the customer. Even though it automatically includes the traditional buyout price just like other platforms, it has the potential to earn more cryptocurrency in comparison to traditional marketing. This article emphasizes the fact that the blockchain is meant for artists to reliably have their products sold for profit and sustain their given lifestyle.

To learn about the process of using R.A.R.E., or to understand how this platform can change the industry, check out the full article here.

Art on the Blockchain Ep.21 with DJ 3LAU

For this week’s Art on the Blockchain (AOTB), which is a podcast that explores the merging of blockchain, music and art with weekly vanguards of the crypto art world, the hosts of the show interview DJ 3LAU, who is an American DJ and electronic dance music producer. Originating from Syosset, New York, 3LAU has performed in huge festivals such as EDC Vegas, and EZoo in NYC. Now, he’s entering the blockchain world with an upcoming festival in San Francisco and new creative work.

Listen to the full interview on their Soundcloud here.

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