The Best of this Week’s Billboard [07/10]

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Hello Billboarders! This is a weekly recap of billboard posts led by contributors that seek to increase the presence of new blockchain technology and platforms in this world. There is a never-ending amount of interesting posts that establish a connection with crypto-currency or blockchains in this world.

Hash Rush: Real-Time Strategy and Crypto Gaming

This post by @siddartha introduces a new game called Hash Rush, which brings real hashing power to the world of real-time strategy gaming, which allow gamers to earn cryptocurrency rewards while playing the game. A game that’s mainly about constructing basic buildings and scavenging resources, Hash Rush is introducing an alpha stage, where people can sign up and try out the game in its preview stage!

Register here! The game will launch on July 31st!

Check out the full article here.

Where to EAT with BTC [New York City]

This article by @mintvilla highlights the situation of BitCoin and its uses, particularly in paying for food in NYC restaurants. Disregarding the constant fluctuation in price for BitCoin, it is steadily rising for the past few years. and it is important for restaurants to have this BitCoin feature, and it is helpful for advocating crypto BTC purchases to raise public awareness. There are 5 or 6 very nice restaurants that accept BitCoin that are featured in this article.

Check out the full article here!

SteemWhale is LIVE!

This article by @twotoedsloth highlights an interesting project in the Netherlands called the Steemwhale, which is a Steem-powered project developed by @roelandp that utilizes a deployed fountain in the shape of a life-sized sperm whale, as part of the 11fountainsproject in the Netherlands up North of the Friesland province. This social experiment displays the speed and framework of the Steem blockchain platform and the benefits of a decentralized system.

Check out the full article here!

DADA: Speak Visually, Get Art through Crypto

This article by @twotoedsloth introduces a new platform named DADA, which is social platform built on the Ethereum blockchain where users have conversations with one another using drawings as the common medium. The resulting community becomes an entity that invigorates artists to connect to one another, create, and collaborate where their talents, efforts, and time are rewarded.

Check out the full article here!

How Different Cultural Groups Hashtag #Cryptocurrency for Instagram

@mintvilla wrote a very interesting article talking about how different cultural groups compare and contrast with the kinds of pictures they upload along with the tag cryptocurrency. Instagram hashtag search is a great tool to do a rough measurement about general public awareness, perception, and reception of contemporary topics and issues. It is truly fascinating how the posts slightly differ from one another depending on the cultural group.

Check out full article here!

FRAMED: Black & White Portrait Shoot

This article by @playitforward talks about experimenting with doing different types of photo shoots with models in Los Angeles. Each shoot explores a new creative concept, uses different models, styles of approach, and different crew. The results are stunning, and the process is shown along the way. This article documents the process of the setup, along with links to the earlier portions of the shoot.

Check out the full article here!

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