THANK YOU to Everyone Who Joined Us at The Crypto Renaissance Opening!


The Crypto Renaissance is the first Steem-powered public exhibition in New York! This show will professionally showcase the tools and resources built for creative professionals on the Steem blockchain and specifically how @sndbox members have integrated them into their practice and daily lives.

All of Our Thanks and Gratitude

The Crypto Renaissance was a great success! There was a huge turnout, with hundreds of different people exploring the exhibition. There were people that were from the Steemit community and people that were quite well-versed in the crypto world with extensive knowledge on the blockchain. But there were also people that were more skeptical to the blockchain, and were genuinely curious about what Steem is about, what @sndbox is, and understanding cryptocurrency beyond just Bitcoin.

Steepshot Selfies Galore

Also big thanks for the visitors that took their time to post a selfie of themselves on the Steepshot platform through the @exhibition account! There were so many photos that the tablet had to put a limit for the day after the first 15 photos were taken.

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The photos consisted of many individuals from many different backgrounds, whether they were a colleague of one of ours, a Steemian, a crypto-associated individual on the blockchain, or a normal person that just happened to pop their way into the show while waiting for the concert next door.


What’s most important about the outcome of this Crypto Renaissance is that there were a lot of conversations between many different kinds of people, and the information provided on the walls motivated these kinds of conversations between people from diverse backgrounds. We had college students talking to book authors, magazine writers talking to next-door concert goers, etc. Social interaction was encouraged through the learning of the blockchain and its capabilities in today’s world.

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It’s Still Ongoing!

The opening night was spectacular, and it is going to be up for the following month! It’s going to be open from 12pm to 6pm from Wednesdays to Saturdays until August 15th, so if you missed the opening night, don’t be afraid to stop by the gallery space!

  • Address: 100 Bogart Street | Brooklyn, 1st Floor Gallery
  • Schedule: July 20 – August 15, 2018
  • Website:

Our Future Events

  • Digital Tour of The Crypto Renaissance through a RIZE Livestream
    Join us for a digital tour of The Crypto Renaissance exhibition on the Rize app! We’ll be hosting a full walkthrough with commentary on the Rize phone app this Friday at 4pm EST. To join the talk, download the Rize app here, and search the room CreativeCrypto. You’ll receive a notification for when the stream opens at 4pm on Friday.

rize event.JPG

Check the meetup link for this event here.

  • Tour of The Crypto Renaissance Exhibition at 100 Bogart St.
    Want to join us for a personal tour of The Crypto Renaissance exhibition in New York? Join us on each Saturday [July 28, Aug 4, Aug 11] at 4:30pm for a guided walkthrough of the exhibit at the 100 Bogart gallery space. For more information, check out Sndbox’s website, or the Crypto Renaissance website for more information.


Check the meetup link for this event here.

  • How We Crypto-Empowered our Magazine [The Creative Crypto]
    Interested in learning more about The Creative Crypto and how we’ve bootstrapped a magazine on a blockchain? Join us for an extensive workshop that will equip you with the tools needed to be involved and create your very own blockchain-powered site!


Check the meetup link for this event here.

This is a guest post by @sndbox.

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