TEXEL: Grow Your Own Digital Tulip Today!


A World of Virtual Tulips

TEXEL is a website where users grow their own personal tulip that is genetically expressive, programmatically generated, and individually unique. Stored in the blockchain, every tulip is a spontaneous work of digital art. Users are able to breed, grow, plant, and exchange them. This platform is meant to a digital art installation, a social experiment, and an online gaming experience.


The name Texel originates from an island that belongs to Holland, where it sports a popular tourist attraction from March to May, where fields of tulips appear. This project tries to emulate that experience in a digital playground where it enables users to pick a plot of land where they would plant their TEXEL tulip. These digital tulips each have different DNA backgrounds, therefore the user will not know what the tulip will be until they fully bloom.

How will it Change the Industry?

This whole concept of owning a digital asset is foreign to most people, and a lot of them gave accounts stating that it was truly a surreal experience.

It’s complicated because the idea of owning a digital asset is such a strange concept. It takes an act of faith. We are only at the beginning. -Mark Willis, Designer of Texel.

Other platforms that utilized this concept were considered as precedents, such as CryptoKitties and CryptoPunks, where the TEXEL developers were just fascinated at the fact that a digital CryptoKitty can sell for as much as five figures. These developers want to expand this social experiment further by utilizing these digital tulips.



What is its Current State?


Project Details

Project Name: TEXEL
Website: https://texel.space/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/texeltulips

Images courtesy of TEXEL.


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