SuperRare: Collect Digital Creations


Collectible Art?

SuperRare is a website that facilitates creating, collecting, and selling of rare digital art. The platform allows artists to release limited-edition digital artwork that is followed on the blockchain, thus leading to the art being verified, rare, and collectible.


The art itself is called crypto art, and it is a limited-edition collectible art that is registered cryptographically with a token on the blockchain. This technology grants scarce, one-of-a-kind tokens that are kept and exchanged from one collector to another. When an artist submits a piece of digital artwork, a token is generated by the system and deposited into your respective Ethereum wallet.


How can it Change the Industry?

SuperRare exists to help facilitate artists that are trying to make a living on the internet. The world itself needs more art, and SuperRare believes that artists should be able to make a living doing what they love. This platform utilizes the crypto-currency as a kind of secondary market revenue for artists, leading to a whole new level of revolutionary possibilities provided by Ethereum smart contracts.


The advent of the internet has led to many different results for artists. The rise of social media led to the empowerment of these artists, allowing the ability to communicate and promote directly to their followers. But limitless plagiarizing made it impossible for artists to make a living selling digital art. SuperRare enables artists to provide copyrights for their artists by using that unique token to easily sell and track ownership of this digital art.

What is its Current State?

  • Start collecting art here!
  • Submit a work to SuperRare here!
  • Check out their artists here!

Project Details

Project Name: SuperRare

All images are courtesy of SuperRare.

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