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Monetizing your Life Documentary

@Steepshot is a platform for users to share photos of their friends, family, and life in general. In addition to being immune to censorship, it is powered by the blockchain, where you can earn cryptocurrency for everything you curate, and when other viewers engage with your activity.


This application is powered by Steem, where the rewards are also generated by the Steem blockchain. A daily reward pool that is fixed is distributed among the Steem community, and Steepshot users are rewarded with liquid Steem, which can be exchanged for flat currencies, or put into investment.

How will it Change the Industry?

The current industry that is similar to Steepshot makes huge profits, while forgoing thanks to the billions of users that use their services worldwide, such as Instagram. In addition to being a decentralized platform, it provides full transparency with its services and constraints, facilitating the users’ experience of using Steepshot. This application works on both browser and mobile, whereas Instagram limits the functionality of its browser usage in comparison to the mobile app. Steepshot in comparison rewards both the uploaders and the viewers for uploading pictures, liking or even commenting on these pictures.

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What is its Current State?

  • Steepshot is announcing a FIFA World Cup-dedicated photo contest! Check it out here.


  • Check out their promotional YouTube video here!

Project Details

Project Name: Steepshot
Discord: Chatroom link

All images are courtesy of @steepshot.

This post was authored by @twotoedsloth.
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