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Pay to Spray

The Steemwhale is a Steem-powered project developed by @roelandp that utilizes a deployed fountain in the shape of a life-sized sperm whale, as part of the 11fountains project in the Netherlands up North of the Friesland province. This social experiment displays the speed and framework of the Steem blockchain platform and the benefits of a decentralized system.


The whale itself sprays at random intervals, but through the website, Steemit users can donate some Steem and have the whale instantaneously spray a gush of water as a reward, (past the stream delay of course). There is a livestream that constantly monitors the whale structure, where users can see their intervention happen simultaneously!

How can it Change the Industry?

The benefits of an experiment like this is that it provides a fun way for people to interact with the environment or an installation, whilst learning about the blockchain and how it works. This whole project has potential marketing implications to help raise awareness for the Steem blockchain, as there really isn’t a strong marketing team for Steem.

The SteemWhale also brings together the Steemit community in a way where they can document their reactions to their contributions, and share it with other users. Communication is established, and connections can be made this way!



What is its Current State?

  • There is a 24 hour livestream where you can observe the whale in its current state at ALL times!!
    Check out the livestream here!
  • Pay for a Spray here!

Project Details

Project Name: SteemWhale

All images are courtesy of SteemWhale.

This post was authored by @twotoedsloth.

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