Steemit Record Pool: Your Invitation to Become A Music Curator & Earn Weekly Rewards!


Steemit Record Pool | #recordpool

Originally a music curation initiative, #recordpool has since grown into a larger Steemit community music project. Our mission is to spread music to the masses on the blockchain.


The Steemit Record Pool Roundup Contest is generously sponsored by Whaleshares. Ten winners will be rewarded each with 10x Hairshares tokens.

What are Hairshares tokens?

They are tokens that are utilized to receive a % of whale votes.

@Bitshares co-founder, @OfficialFuzzy, developed @Whaleshares as an initiative that aims to support meritorious minnows, bringing them one step closer to whale status. The most appealing feature of Whaleshares is their drive to engage the Steemit community!

In @recordpool, everyone gets to share their own taste in music. To submit to Record Pool, follow a few easy steps.

Step Description
1 Create a new post, including the #recordpool and #songoftheday.
2 Add a title starting with “Song of the Day.”
3 Pick a song either an “embedded” Audio or Video file in the post.
4 Write a short description of the song in your own words.
5 Comment below with a link to your post and your Bitshares account name.*
6 (optional): Add cover art and other supporting images and credit the source.

*A Bitshares account is required to receive the rewards. If you’re not registered with Bitshares, click here to open a free account.

Don’t forget to use hashtag#recordpool as your FIRST hashtag so your posts are easier for the community to find and enjoy the good music you’re sharing.

Search #recordpool for examples of other submissions!

We encourage anyone interested in the project to resteem, upvote and comment on posts they like. Please follow to see the most updated rules in current posts!

We greatly anticipate future submissions! Steem on!

Other ways you can support Record Pool

  • Follow the @recordpool blog and upvote and resteem Record Pool posts and contest.
  • Follow our trail and vote for curated authors. If you are a SteemAutouser, @recordpool is an available trail to follow.
  • Join Block Mountain on Discord.

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