Sneak Peek into The Crypto Renaissance Exhibition

Ushering in a New Era of Creativity

“The Crypto Renaissance” is the first Steem-powered public exhibition in New York City. This show will professionally showcase the tools and resources built for creative professionals on the Steem blockchain and specifically how @sndbox members have integrated them into their professional practices and daily lives. The exhibition is 100% funded by cryptocurrency earned through these platforms and looks to set the precedent of new creative practice in New York and beyond.

With just a week to go until the grand opening in New York, we thought we would start firing up the hype train and give you a glimpse into the preparations and some of what you can expect to experience once the gallery is open to the public. Of course, you can keep it completely spoiler free, skip this article entirely, and join us on opening day!

Cover The Bases

The exhibition is designed to present a series of creative-topics and examples of projects that have utilized the Steem blockchain. Here are the core elements that will be on display:

  • Intro to the blockchain-powered Sndbox incubator
  • A showcase of Sndbox Cohort 1 members (artists, writers, musicians, educators, developers)
  • The Steem DApps used to fuel members’ work

To achieve this, we’ve developed various key components of the show that can be of course be experienced on-site at the exhibition, but are also valuable and informative when presented online and shared openly. They include the following –

3D – Model of the Gallery

Preparing for the exhibition is a design challenge in and of itself! One of the first key moves our team took was to measure, document, and digitally model the new gallery space so we could proportion the work, information, and activities of The Crypto Renaissance. Here, we created a model on the program Rhinoceros with the exact dimensions of the space at 100 Bogart.

This allowed us to accurately visualize the key elements of the show and their proportions in comparison to each other. Especially with a 20ft wall height, creating a walkable, individual experience is critical.

Information Panels & DApp Tower

A large component of the show is focused on awareness and education. Providing compelling graphics to best communicate the tools and technologies employed in the Sndbox incubator was a critical part of our mission. We went from one Steem application to another, creating elegant information panels with a cohesive visual language. Here are few of several covered in this process.

These panels were then formatted all-together to create a “DApp Tower” that would be a freestanding information booth in the middle of the show. Here’s a groovy gif to give you an idea of what it will look like –

The Donor Wall

A substantial part of the exhibition’s budget is supported by directed donations in cryptocurrency from other Steem users. To incentivize and reward these contributors, we’ve designated a part of the show for a ‘Donor Wall’ filled with custom portrait illustrations done by The Creative Crypto’s lead artist @zsolt.vidak. Here are a couple of those fun and familiar faces, below.

See the full list of donors and portraits here. You can still donate to the show and have your fancy mug displayed on the exhibition website!

Looking to Decentralize Creative Impact

Stay tuned for next Friday! If you’re interested in further aspects of the exhibition, you can check out our dedicated website for The Crypto Renaissance. All of the images and actual files for the images you see above can be found throughout our @sndbox account on Steemit and are completely open source.

Event: The Crypto RenaissanceWe don’t want to give too much away before the doors are open so be sure to follow us in the links below for updates and snapshots to the event and the ongoing programming we’ll do in the coming weeks. A tremendous THANK YOU to everyone that supported the project and we hope to see you all in Brooklyn for opening night!


This is a guest post by @sndbox.
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