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Welcome to Whisper Gallery III

Now launching the Whisper Gallery III! The whisper gallery is an artistic collaboration, creating a “Telephone” series of artworks that chain off of one another. The project is the brainchild of @mrblinddraw and has already completed two successful and exciting iterations. With this new open call, creatives from around the world can join a community of creators and monetize their work on the Steem blockchain.

Whisper is a chain of artistic creations where each piece is created in a chain inspired by the one previous. Whisper is initiated by a seed idea/art piece (one piece of artwork inspires the next piece, and so on). Each week we will have a featured artist who will create a piece that is inspired by the piece from the week before.

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Seed Image

The seed of inspiration to kick of Whisper Gallery III will be the piece at the tail of Whisper Gallery II –

6. @Errymil.jpeg
This piece is by @errymil. I look forward to seeing how this new chain will unfold!

Take a look at some of the previous works in Whisper.

Whisper Gallery I

Whisper Gallery II

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More About Whisper


We want to collectively build an art community. This is a great way to connect and support each other through up-votes, comments, and follows. Steemit can be a slow-growing platform for creatives starting out, and the future goal is to roll this into a community event where people can be perpetually submitting to the chain.

With Whisper Gallery I and II now behind us, I have found so much gratification in the ability to bring more eyes to artists as well as create a showcase beyond the contest level. Art is often abstract for people, and I think when we’re able to tell a collective story in our own styles, it begins to unravel that mystery for some. If our goal is to make more art, more appreciators of art, more supporters of the art community, and more people happy in general, I think we’ve succeeded. More to come!

Steemians, I encourage everyone to re-steem this post to gain more eyes on the project and allow the artists to get more rewards for their high-quality work. Every comment, upvote, resteem, and follow helps!

Thanks to several community members for the support including @pfunk. I greatly respect and appreciate @sndbox for allowing this to be pushed forward and succeed in the way it did.

This post was authored by @mrblinddraw, the original version can be found here.

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