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The Creative Crypto Creators

Today, we’ll be looking a bit inwards rather than focusing on the rich ecosystem of creative platforms, currencies, and talent around us in the cryptosphere. Instead, we’ll be doing an introduction of the incredible illustrators that make this magazine come to life and have worked with us since its inception.


For anyone visiting The Creative Crypto’s website for the first time, you’ll notice a ongoing gallery of vibrant custom artwork. Our team has dedicated illustration contributors that help turn each report and interview into a major piece of creativity. The @creativecrypto group of creative professionals is growing, here they are:


Designing a Vibrant Future

Meet Zsolt Vidak (@zsolt.vidak)! A Hungarian illustrator currently living in Budapest, Zsolt is the head illustrator of the magazine and creates the lion’s share of custom cover images and sketches. He’s a prominent illustrator and his professional work spans from expansive drawings of his city to a comic series. For The Creative Crypto, he sets the general tone of the magazine and creates unique images that help theme each article, special announcement banners, and much more.


Learn more about Zsolt Vidak and his professional work on his website.
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A Creative Steem Powerhouse

Yiran Park is a Korean artist living in Los Angeles. She began on Steemit exactly a year ago as an amateur artist mostly doing collaborations with other Steemians in the KR community for fun but in the last several months, she’s become a star creator and figure in the Steemit art scene. Her work is always unexpected and full of playful wit. She helps us at The Creative Crypto communicate exceptionally difficult theoretical ideas and projected futures for blockchain.


We highly recommend visiting and exploring her Steemit account at @carrotcakeand exploring all the various projects and initiatives she’s a part of.


Dun dun dun…

Fil Dunsky is one of the newest contributing members and we’re excited to have him on board as an acclaimed Russian artist. He has an extensive portfolio of high-level commissions and has produced images communicated all around the world. Fil’s art style is playful and full of character and we’re excited to see more of his contributions including this recent one for our interview with the him –

Discover more about Fil’s work and Steem-centric creations like those for the @esteem-app on his Steemit page @dunsky and on his website.

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