Shaping the Face of Crypto [Interview with Humdinger & Sons Creative Agency]

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Despite the cryptocurrency community’s tight-knit size this early on in the tech’s development, every so often major contributions to the space are made by unexpected outsiders. These aren’t blockchain companies nor investment whales, but nonetheless leave a significant and lasting influence on the direction of the industry. Today, we’re going to talk with one of the new mainstays in the industry – Humdinger & Sons.

Humdinger & Sons is a creative agency based out of St. Paul and have already made a name for themselves with their innovative video work and uncanny capacity in describing decentralized company missions. As the crypto world faces one of its greatest constant challenges in the issue of adoption, design and branding are increasingly vital in engaging the general public. The agency is one of the first to set this precedent for the blockchain sector.

The Creative Crypto (CC): Hello Humdinger & Sons! Tell us a bit about yourselves- who you are, your background, and the type of work you do for the world.

Hey guys, we’re thrilled to be a part of this magazine. Thanks for having us!

In short, Humdinger and Sons is a new breed of creative agency. We built Humdinger from the ground up to help tech-minded companies of all sizes develop enduring brands, captivating content, and innovative digital experiences. We help our partners outwit and outpace others in today’s ever-changing, multi-platform landscape.


  • The founders, Nicholas and Andrew, with their team of ‘sons and daughters’.

CC: How did you get involved with the world of blockchain?

We were first introduced to the world of Blockchain in 2016 by one of our partners; Brave Browser. They were working to develop a groundbreaking new web browser, based on Blockchain, and needed help communicating all the ways Brave helps fix the web. The challenge was, most people are completely satisfied with their existing browser and see no reason to change. To breakthrough, we need to make people stop and think. Then, bring to life all the wonderful benefits of Brave in a clear and easily comprehendible manner. It’s really complex technology, so we had to simply it down to its essence for all. In the end, we created this beautiful piece, – – which has helped fuel awareness and adaption light-years faster than before.

CC: How was your experience working with the Brave team? Why did you pursue that particular art direction for the video?

The Brave team is incredible. They’re all smart, kind, collaborative people who are passionate about their mission.

As for the art direction, we know we need to make people stop and pay attention. The aesthetic had to be bold but not overly complex. Plus, it had to reinforce our storyline, helping to educate and explain the value of Brave in a clear and compiling way. It was no easy feat, but we’re really thrilled with the gritty, lively look we landed on.

CC: How was working on the Sndbox video? Any key features/points/hidden gems that you would like point out?

We absolutely loved creating the Sndbox video. After seeing such a vibrant, creative community, we knew we had to make the piece equally as energetic and forward thinking.


It may come to a surprise to some people to learn that entire piece was created with frame by frame animation. It’s a perfect reflection of applying a unique technique to something that really deserved it.

The Sndbox team not only allowed us to run with a strong story, but encouraged it. From being blunt about “begging for likes” to using the Sndbox logo to cut through the arms of the “social behemoths” they weren’t fearful of going to far.

CC: What are your thoughts on the importance of new visual languages when it comes to this technology and its adoption?

We’re currently living in the wild west when it comes to Blockchain, and because of the currency stigma that’s attached to it, it’s being under represented when it comes to visual design. As the New York Times wrote in early 2018, Blockchain has massive potential to build something much more then wealth. The actual idea of running our world off open protocols is tremendous and deserves to be told in a multitude of visual languages to connect with people worldwide.

CC: Do you think you’ll be involved in more crypto/blockchain-centric projects in the future?

Absolutely! No doubt, it’s the future. It took a bit of time for our team to fully wrap their heads around it, but once we fully comprehended it we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it’s future… especially since it’s still a bit in its infancy.

CC: For other creative studios and practices looking to be more involved in this new sector, any words of advice/encouragement?

Surround yourself with the right partners and people. We greatly benefit from working with unbelievably smart partners that introduce us to new tools and technologies. It helps us think of other projects and challenges in powerful, new ways. We’re firm believers the more people work together, the more amazing things we can create.

Company Name: Humdinger & Sons

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