SAVE THE DATE: July 20, 2018 – The Crypto Renaissance Exhibition

Welcome to Renaissance 2.0

Today we’re excited to announce The Crypto Renaissance, produced by the company and team behind the Sndbox incubator program. The exhibition will showcase the diverse projects that were developed in the incubator using applications and resources built on the Steem blockchain. Much of the show will be dedicated to informing the global public on the actional crypto-powered tools that exist at this very moment and how any creative professional can immediately begin leveraging them for their own practice.

The Crypto Renaissance will be up for several weeks and host a number of public programs, all completely free at the storefront gallery of 100 Bogart. This office complex houses dozens of blockchain focused startups including much of the Consensys team and events like these help nurture a culture of blockchain-focused innovation in this part of NYC.

This will be the first exhibition in New York City that showcases creative and entrepreneurial work made on and through blockchain technology alongside all the tools used to make them a reality. The world of cryptocurrency now offers immediate tools that empower innovative work. Over the past several months, the blockchain incubator @sndboxhas helped establish many of these new initiatives around the world.

Why an Exhibition?

New York City has developed into a major hub of activity and innovation when it comes to the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. We’ve seen Blockchain Week grow into a citywide phenomenon with massive events like Consensus and Ethereal as well as social events and classes all year round. However, we have yet to see major long-term events that don’t have steep ticket prices nor high requirements of investing or technical knowledge. We at The Creative Crypto want to change this status quo and create a space of learning and engagement that is open to anyone curious enough to step in.

Here are some sample renderings of what you can expect at the exhibition –

If we project a future where crypto experiences mainstream adoption, you can imagine many more facilities that house content and information concerning blockchain for the public. Gallery exhibitions, library sections, and museum shows are all inevitable developments that will come at some point and help round out the diversifying culture of cryptocurrency. We want The Crypto Renaissance to be an early example of that vision, one that combines exhibited work with educational resources to create a “pay it forward” type of ethos.

Save the Date!

Title: The Crypto Renaissance
Duration: July 20 (7:00pm Opening) – August 15, 2018
Location: 100 Bogart St. Brooklyn, NY. Street-level Gallery
Website: Coming Soon
Facebook Event:
Meetup Event:

Be sure to follow our social-media pages as we’ll be announcing the full website and all the planned public activities soon. Thank you for all the support and we’ll see you at the opening!

For more information on Sndbox, check out our video –

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