Rare Art Festival 2 [May 18, 2019]

About this Event

Create, buy, sell and win tokens! Join us 5/18 to discover, learn and grow at the Rare Art Festival. Our agenda features the most innovative projects in the realm of cryptoart. We’re also planning a tokenized art show featuring artists from around the world! Upstairs will be a create-a-thon, where attendees have an opportunity to discuss ideas, play games and make valuable stuff.


Last January, Rare Art Labs teamed up with Joe Looney, creator of the Rare Pepe Wallet, to produce a one-of-a-kind experience: the OG Rare Art Festival.

This year, we’re planning an even bigger and better event, collectively organized by members of the community. Discover how you can get involved in the global cryptoart movement. Our event is free and open to the public; no technical skills required. Everyone is welcome to participate!


9:00 ~ Doors Open
9:30 ~ Welcome & Introduction
10:00 ~ Joe Looney, Freeport
10:30 ~ Benny Giang, Axiom Zen
11:00 ~ Beatriz Ramos, Dada
11:30 ~ Cynthia Gayton, Gayton Law
12:00 ~ Simona Pop, Bounties Network
12:30 ~ Lunch (not provided)
1:30 ~ James Waugh, CRE8

2:00 ~ Panel: Battle of the Platforms

  • Johnny Dollar, Artist Liberation Front
  • Theo Goodman, PoW Media
  • Jason Rosenstein, Portion
  • Gus Grillasca, Artolin
  • Aaron Mangal, PixEOS
  • Yaz Koury, ETC

2:45 ~ Break
3:00 ~ John Watkinson & Matt Hall, Larva Labs
3:30 ~ Matt Condon, XLNT

4:00 ~ Panel Discussion: Building Collaborative Markets

  • Judy Mam, Dada
  • David Moore, KnownOrigin
  • John Crain, SuperRare
  • Tommy Nicholas, Rare Art Labs
  • Corinne Moshy, Codex
  • Fanny Lakoubay, Snark.Art
  • Moderated by Michael Lee, Creative Crypto

4:45 – Break
5:00 ~ Simon de la Rouviere, Artonymous
5:30 ~ Create-a-thon Presentations
6:00 ~ Jason Bailey, Artnome
6:30 ~ Grand Finale

FEATURING: Meural , Dada, SuperRare, KnownOrigin, RadiCards, Snark.Art, Rare Art Labs, OpenSea, Ujo Music, Aeternity, Codex, Bounties Network, Artolin, PixEOS, Larva Labs, Nifty.Supply, Creative Crypto, Bitcorn, Counterparty, Non-Fungible Alliance, Blockchain Art Collective, Furtherfield, CryptoKaiju, Makersplace, BlockCities, Rare Pepe Foundation, #ArtProject, and more!

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