Welcome to a world of monumental wonders and hidden treasure. We invite you to explore, discover, unlock, and trade hidden NFT valuables. CryptoPuzzles are a collaborative art series powered by the Ethereum, Steem, and Bitcoin blockchain.

CryptoPuzzles – a new art series that embeds clues to cryptocurrency wallets within collectible NFT (non-fungible token) artwork. This first Puzzle Series is called “BitcoinHaus” which includes a set of 3D architectural monuments inspired by cryptocurrency icons. Embedded in each artwork are a network of clues that lead to a wallet and a prize. Different views of the same 3D landscape will yield answers and expose curious avatars (known as KryptoKodama). These collectible creatures will help you find your way.
As NFTs are sold, the record of sale will be recorded on the Steem blockchain, thus making it eligible to receive crypto-backed upvotes. With each sale, the treasure will grow.


These ancient grounds mark the site of Bitcoin’s genesis block. Satoshi Nakamoto, anonymous architect, designed a rigorous network of square plinths from which numbers and letters have mysteriously emerged. Follow the KryptoKodama for clues to the treasure hidden within.

Map owners will be airdropped free Kodama clue NFTs to their ETH wallets. Clues are like artsy dividends which give map HODLers an advantage in solving puzzles. Click here to see the treasure hiding inside.

Map Series V.1




Stay tuned as more puzzles are released each week on SuperRare & KnownOrigin.

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