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Today we’re excited to present the first weekly Creative Crypto newsletter! We know we know, this sounds just like another announcement about an announcement –


But we want to assure you that this newsletter is worth digging a bit deeper into. Originally, we wanted it to simply be an overview of the posts made on the @creativecrypto and @cc-billboard profiles (Steemit accounts that port into our current website), but we’re looking to capture a lot more. Our aim is to hone the newsletter into a more active voice for the creative blockchain community and embed the weekly update with more actionable resources and activities that people worldwide can participate in.

This week’s first edition looks to introduce the mission of The Creative Crypto and highlight key articles that are very beginner friendly and to open windows into the crypto space beyond investing and market action. We wanted to create an introduction that is easily forward-able, something that is not often the case in the crypto world. So yes, this is also a bit of an elbow poke to shill and share!

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Future newsletters will take on diverse roles of introducing key figures, guiding readers into new technologies, and giving an engageable platform for the emerging tools at the disposal of all creative professionals. We’re piling on key goals that we want to meet, for example having at least one piece of content that is immediately actionable such as signing up and using a new platform or taking part in an activity. The newsletter should (and hold our feet to the flames if it fails to achieve this) be all at once educational, empowering, and just flat out interesting to tune into each week.

And be sure to give us as much feedback as possible on our Facebookpage, Twitter account, or in the comments of our @creativecryptoSteemit articles. We’re always curious to know what follow-up content and developments our readers are interested in, and it gives us a great excuse to continue the conversations with the people we interview and the platforms we explore.

If you haven’t already, you can sign up for the newsletter here at the top of our About page and we’ll see you again next week!

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