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Only 3700 in the Known Universe

ExoPlanets is a Ethereum-based crypto game that is based on space exploration, where the user can own an ExoPlanet and propagate life on it, expand outwards, and establish a system of smaller planets for resources.


The amount of ExoPlanets that exist are directly correspondent to the number exoplanets that are verified in reality. The data is directly pulled from NASA, and the limited quantity of these planets turn them into a valuable assets that are high in rarity. Because NASA has only discovered 3,700 exoplanets so far, there are only 3,700 exoplanets that these players can work with. Each and every ExoPlanet is unique with its own set of graphics and animations.

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The cycle of life on the planet is evolutionary, in that it follows the following stages:

  1. Rock Planet
  2. Water Formation
  3. Single Cell Evolution
  4. Photosynthesis Forms
  5. Complex Life Forms
  6. Intelligent Civilization
  7. Space Technology Age

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The progress of your ExoPlanet can be viewed in VR, which provides a 3D visual experience of what has grown in your own ExoPlanet environment.


The speed that it evolves at is determined by the life rate of the respective ExoPlanet. The life rate is affected by CryptoMatching, which will be explained in the next section.

How can it Change the Industry?

Exoplanets utilize a unique function called CryptoMatching, where they match an Exoplanet with one of the cryptocurrencies that are on the market right now, and these cryptocurrencies will directly affect how the ExoPlanet looks and performs in-game. For example, if Steem were to increase in value by 5%, then the life rate of the ExoPlanet that matched with Steem increases by 5% as well.

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There is a pre-sale market for ExoPlanets that are for sale on the blockchain. These planets also display which cryptocurrency that they are linked up with, along with their respective life rates.

There is a Proof-of-Gaming mechanism where players show that they are playing this game actively by claiming their mining rewards. Smaller planets that surround the main ExoPlanet contain resources that can be mined and converted into their very own ExoTokens, which are ERC20 tokens that can be used as in-game currency.

There are three ways that a player can earn ExoTokens:

  1. Purchasing these tokens directly from other players
  2. Receiving the tokens from their ExoPlanet’s respective CryptoMatch performance
  3. Mining the tokens from the surrounding resource planets

Project Details

Project Name: ExoPlanets
Website: https://exoplanets.io/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ExoPlanetsIO
Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/Eddg2lCzCqZoIS9unsNyJg
Medium: https://medium.com/@exoplanets2018/exoplanets-lite-paper-740c2f7300d2
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/ExoPlanetsCryptoGame/
Discord: Chatroom link

All images are courtesy of ExoPlanets.

This post was authored by @twotoedsloth.

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