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If you’re knee-deep into non-fungible tokens like Cryptokitties, Axie Infinity, and dozens of other variants of collectibles and games on the blockchain, you might’ve seen the content by Brian Flynn on Twitter. Brian is a guru when it comes to NFTs and his weekly report “NFTY NEWS” on his Medium page provides incredible insight into the latest developments and discussions happening in the space.


The non-fungible token space is one of the faster growing and more compelling aspects of the crypto space with new companies and tokens popping up all the time. Many are poised to revolutionize how we collect, invest, play, and interact with digital objects so it’s invaluable to get frequent updates on the NFT landscape.

We invited Brian to share his newsletter on The Creative Crypto and we’re excited to say we have his blessings to share the articles as mainstays with the magazine. You can find the latest edition here and be sure to tune in every week for the latest in NFTY NEWS!

Contributor Name: Brian Flynn
Original Article with Newsletter Signup: Link

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