Musicoin Beginner’s Tutorial by Ambassador DJ Lethal Skillz

This tutorial was guest authored by Dj Lethal Skillz, global music artist and ambassador for Musicoin. You can find more of his community work concerning the cryptocurrency on his Steemit page, @djlethalskillz.


The music world has always been challenging for musicians to be fairly paid for their content creation in the pool of a 15 billion dollar industry.

Source RIAA
We have an entire population of ‘Middle Men’ such as Record Labels, Music Distributors, Online Music Sale platforms and Publishers who receive the biggest shares of artist royalties and to be honest, it’s those big labels who control the types of music and artists that get the exposure and become popular.

Source RIAA


One of the great things about the blockchain technology is that because it is a decentralized system that exists between all the permitted parties, there is no need to pay the ‘Middlemen’. At the same time, it saves us plenty of resources and avoids the conflict that we musicians face in the current traditional systems used. But now, all of this is changing quickly as the Blockchain is proving to be faster, cheaper, and more secur, which is why Banks and Governments among other institutions and industries are being attracted to the Blockchain.


Musicoin is a blockchain-powered platform that connects music listeners and fans to free music streaming. Musicoin is also a crypto currency that is instantly paid to artists on the Musicoin platform every time one of their musical contributions are played.

Musicoin: Upload, License and Earn Crypto From Your Music Streams

This guide is designed to assist new musicians to verify and set up their first Musicoin accounts and release their music on the blockchain.


Open a Muscoin Account 1.gif

Go to! You can register automatically using your TwitterFacebook or Google account Or you can fill your information manually. Click on ‘Get A Code’.

Get Your Musicoin Confirmation Code.gif

Go to your Email and get Your Musicoin Confirmation Code . Copy your Confirmation Code. Go back to the Musicoin page and paste the Confirmation Code, then verify.

Fill Your Information.gif

Once the Musicoin page opens, go to the Top Right Corner and click on ‘My Profile. Upload your Public Profile picture and fill in your information . Add your Social Media Pages as requested
(Kindly note, this is a VERY IMPORTANT STEP as Musicoin needs this information to verify you are who you mentioned and that you’re a real artist).


Upload Song.gif

On the ‘Top Right Corner’ click on the Upload Icon. After reading the terms, click ‘I agree to these terms of use’.

Upload Song 2.gif

Account Verification : make sure all your Social media networks are Linked before releasing a track. Upload the tracks you wish from your computer and agree to sharing it on the blockchain.

Et voila! Congratulations on your first track release on the blockchain! After a few minutes you will get a Confirmation from Musicoin that your track is released and it will be listed under your profile.

Thank you for taking the time to read so far and I hope this guide was useful. Stay on the lookout for more guides from my series of ‘Musicians on the Blockchain’. If you have any suggestions for topics that you would like me to cover next, please do let me know in the comment section below. Kudos!

Join us @ Musicoin & Start Earning From your Music!

Thank you @djlethalskillz for this exclusive tutorial!
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