Music And Blockchain in NYC [August 6th]

If you are a musician, manager or label looking to learn about how blockchain will disrupt the music industry, then this is for you! Curated for musicians and artists, this class will kick start your understanding of blockchain and how it can help in the following areas of the music industry:

  • Increased & instantaneous payment from streaming platforms
  • Fundraising for the production of albums, songs, tours, etc.
  • Digital rights management, licensing and legal contracts
  • Deeper fan engagement through digital collectibles

Blockchain is more than just Bitcoin! Whether you have heard of it or not, we can all agree that the information currently available online is lacking and also extremely confusing. The goal of this class is to equip you with the foundation to understand the value of how this technology will help your music career!

Presented by Einnovations (Ei), a modern music services firm and Paul Johnson – Adjunct Professor, Fordham Gabelli School of Business.

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