MarbleCards: Turn Your Digital Memories into Collectibles



MarbleCards enables their users to preserve their digital memories as crypto collectibles. Anything that has its own respective URL is eligible to become essentially marbled into a collectible card. MarbleCards is based on the ERC721 protocol and each URL can only go through this process once. When you take ownership of the card, then it is yours to do whatever you want with it, such as sharing, trading, and saving.


No two MarbleCards are the same, as each one has its own unique pattern that is generated from the content that is available on the URL at the time that it is created. The possibilities are endless, as these MarbleCards can either be of value to you, or be worth a lot to many others. The sales process is structured like a Dutch auction, and the one who started the auction will received a share of that sale. The other share is given to owners of the highest ranking cards.

The fact that the only requirement for creating one of these cards is an URL creates an infinite number of possibilities to what kind of MarbleCard one can create. Interested individuals can marble anything from favorite bands, memes, to even Pokemon.

The marble background is generated through multiple algorithms that are based on site quality and content popularity, thus making a “more beautiful card” with better attributes. There is also intricate analysis through the site and images to prevent making duplicates of a single card.

How can you purchase a Card?

After you find the URL that you want to turn into a MarbleCard, you first pay the initial auction fee, then it gets sent to a public auction, where anyone can buy the card, even before you. When someone successfully purchases the card, then the creator gets paid a percentage as a creators fee. If no one ends up buying it before the time runs out, the creator can buy it and the finders fee is deducted as a discount.

For the full details on MarbleCards, check out the full post on bitcointalk here. Test out their new Beta release at by using the Ropsten Test Network on Metamask!

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*All images are courtesy of MarbleCards

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