Leveraging Fundition [Steem-Powered Fundraising Platform] for Public Park Development

Powerful Tools at our Disposal

Just a few days ago I had a meeting with the Government Authorities and the Community members of a neighborhood called El Chorro (Uruguay – South America) to start working together in a special project with so many stages to fix a Sports Plaza that has been deteriorating over the last several years.

We joined 15 local stakeholders to discuss how the Steem Blockchain can be used to fund all the work we have to do. Some of the needed repairs include a basketball court, soccer field, and playground, all in poor condition.

With @lotusleaf‘s help, we organized a meeting to spotlight how we could contribute to the project and leverage our experiences to help make the park renovation a reality. Now, we’re preparing to launch the crowdsourcing campaign on Fundition, the fundraising platform built on the Steem blockchain, and with the help of the Sndbox incubator. I’ll be posting more about the developments and how you can contribute to the project no my @leotrap account.


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We are not just talking about an Idea, it’s already begun! We’ll be starting repairs on June 16 and we would love your support! You can see the Fundition campaign here.

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