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A Digital Library

LBRY is a place where you watch, read, and play in a decentralized digital video library controlled by the community, for the community. In addition to being available on all your devices, LBRY allows anyone to build apps that interact with digital content on the LBRY network. These apps allow creators to upload their work to LBRY’s network of hosts, where they can either set a price per stream, or give it away for free.

Platform vs. Protocol

Almost every tech company is a centralized service that markets users’ personal information to advertisers, and users give up this information in exchange for access to this platform. LBRY is built on a protocol, where users own their own content and maintain their privacy instead of giving their personal info to a corporate giant that is run as a centralized platform. LBRY challenges the centralized, corporate model from the ground up, and everything they’ve built is open-source, decentralized, and belongs to the community using it.

How would YouTubers benefit from LBRY?

Censorship issues have arisen, where YouTube as a company would dictate what can or cannot be posted on their website. The company also has the ability to be able to de-monetize any video that they deem inappropriate or against their terms of service. LBRY breaks free from centralized control, and allocates the power into the hands of the creator.

What is its Current Stage?

LBRY released their May Development and Community update!

A quick synopsis includes:

  1. Helping to create the Stack Exchange Community for LBRY here!
  2. Donate to the Children’s Scholarship Fund of New Hampshire!
  3. LBRY-C group was funded 100,000 LBC to fund their projects.
  4. LBRY is hiring!
  5. Multisite Launched.
  6. YouTube Sync Updates.
  7. Sign up for their Chess Set Design contest!
  8. got a facelift update!


    Stay tuned at their Twitter.
    Roadmap Link –

Project Details

Project Name: LBRY
Discord: Chatroom link

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