Launch of the New Creative Crypto Website! [New Features and Public Contributions]

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A New Look for the Summer Season

The crypto industry is moving at light speed, and so is our Magazine! Today, we’re thrilled to present to you one of the latest great strides in The Creative Crypto… a brand new interface!

Explore now!

We’ve implemented a new plugin developed by @steempress-io to connect the Steem blockchain using WordPress. Until now, was directly porting Steemit articles into a new interface, but that was posing unique challenges including the restructuring of information and integrating multiple accounts. As we’re striving to add new functionalities to the website, the WordPress integration connected the best of both worlds – the revolutionary strengths of an immutable / distributed blockchain information system and all the developed features embedded in the most used website builder.

There’s more to explore behind the magazine’s new facade, so let’s dive right into it.


The Community Billboard

The Billboard is the newest major feature of the website that has been in beta development on the Steem blockchain for a number of weeks (@cc-billboard). Now, we have a proper interface that allows public contributors to announce, share, and engage on the magazine’s site. Read more about contributing for crypto-backed upvotes here.


As the Billboard grows in scope and depth, we’ll be publishing more submitted content surrounding the various community activities and contests of other creative platforms, technological advances, community discussions, articles by contributors, and new creative content made by the expanding sectors of music, art, design, architecture, etc. in the blockchain world. Our mission to make the Billboard the center of global community activity and empowerment. We welcome your engagement and contributions!


The Resources tab has had a major injection, now incorporating all the functioning applications built on a blockchain that allows the production of creative work today. No speculation, no promises of future revolution. All the dapps (decentralized applications) listed here are in full operation and can be used immediately to support and reward creative contributions. Our team will continue to build new tools into this section of the website, keeping tabs on the latest and greatest across the crypto-universe.


The Blockchain Encyclopedia is currently being revamped into a succinct and poignant ‘what’s what’ of terminology, specifically designed as an approachable primer for newcomers in the blockchain space. Stay tuned for our multi-lingual feature powered by the mighty talented @kr-marketing team.


The Contribute tab includes the options of submitting to the Billboard, it’s sponsored article / announcement option, and working with us directly to produce unique educational, creative, and engaging content in collaboration and directly on our platform.


The Zoo

Well… we can’t release all the goodies at once, can we? The “Zoo” is an upcoming feature and content series of the website that specifically showcases the developments of digital assets, games, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as they become increasingly interactive. Be sure to stay tuned for the official roster of incorporated projects and if you are part of new project in the asset space, send us a message!


Finally, we want to underscore the benefits of building a website on a blockchain, a process that has been made supremely efficient with SteemPress on the Steem blockchain. You can read about our initial motivations for building our online magazine this way here during our initial launch week.


First off, the Steem blockchain provides the infrastructure to build a whole new kind of website. Information now published on our interface will be forever preserved on this growing data network, one that is immutable, fast, global, and monetized by the native cryptocurrency Steem. For a more extensive explanation on what this all entails, we encourage you to read our tutorial.

Second, SteemPress is a streamlined plugin that connects a WordPress blog with a Steem account, allowing content creators to publish directly onto the blockchain while only interacting with WordPress. Creating a separate interface allows creative and entrepreneurial initiatives to tailor a much more personally fitting Steem-blog. It allows access to the robust components of the site builder – i.e. SEO optimization, multiple pages and front-end design flexibility.

Lastly, it provides one of the best mechanisms to seamlessly transfer millions of content creators and organizations that already utilize WordPress onto the blockchain. Despite the complex and diverse benefits of using a blockchain system, the difference in user experience from the WordPress user’s perspective is a simple checkbox. Integrating an established and functional blockchain as an almost invisible backend infrastructure will help focus the discussion on actionabe integration rather than the rabbit hole of blockchain tutorials and explanations.

We highly recommend looking into building websites this way. For everyone interested, here are the relevant links to learn more about SteemPress.

As always, thank you so much for your continued engagement and readership. There’s a lot more to come from The Creative Crypto and we hope you’ll follow along as we explore the creative world of blockchain together!

cover image illustrated by @zsolt.vidak
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