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Buy and Collect Digital Artwork

KnownOrigin is a blockchain-powered platform that enables users to buy, discover, and collect digital artwork by some of the world’s most renowned illustrators, artist, and creative practitioners. This platform brings art ownership to the digital world, and grants users the opportunity to buy original artwork and rare digital assets. Their focus is also uniquely positioned on real-world events including a pop-up gallery event at Seven Brothers Brewery.


The blockchain provides a reliable source of ownership that is trustworthy and unchangeable where users can create rare digital assets to embed into the blockchain permanently. These assets are also limited in numbers, therefore the value of each of these artworks will be driven up accordingly.



Users will have a Ethereum-supported wallet that will hold the digital tokens, which can be used to purchase both digital assets and physical artwork on the website.

How can it Change the Industry?

KnownOrigin seeks to follow through with the idea of being able to allow a user to download a high-res digital copy of a specific artwork, protected and verified by blockchain infrastructure. There is a liaison created between catering to people that want their proof-of-ownership on the blockchain, and people that just want to hang their artwork on the wall.

Traditional buying and selling currently has no real way that is fail-safe and can keep their artwork secure once it gets downloaded to someone’s phone or laptop. With the Smart Contract system on the Ethereum blockchain, true ownership and provenance can be maintained.

What is its Current State?

  • On Thursday August 23rd, KnownOrigin artist Jordan Yates will be speaking at the Craft event! Check out the link here.

Project Details

Project Name: KnownOrigin
Telegram: Chatroom link

All images are courtesy of KnownOrigin.

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