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We have been recently approached by the team at 0xCert with a really interesting collaboration. They asked if we ( would like to partner with them to promote artists on the blockchain and the potential of NFTs at the up coming NIFTY conference + Hakathon in Hong Kong.


The concept was simple, can we challenge our artists to create a unique design for a T-shirt give away? After a few chats on Telegram with 0xCert, we decided to set a “Creative Challenge” to the artists and they accepted!

The deadline was tight & from the start we said that this challenge would be a contra-deal (so no money would be exchanged) however in return, 0xCert would promote the artist and, and get the designs printed onto a T-shirt to be given away at the event.



We had a great response from our community, the submissions came flying in. By the deadline, we had ten ultraRare (1 of 1) designs by 5 artist. These artists include Hackatao, Massimo, Oficinas TK, CoinJournal & Aktiv Protesk. All of the designs are available on the marketplace.


The NIFTY conference + Hakathon is set to be one of the biggest events in Asia this year (July 24-26). The event is packed with speakers, workshops and an expected x attendees. Having the opportunity to collaborate with 0xCert and have a presence at the event is great. We are super excited to see how the giveaway goes and working with 0xCert on future collaborations.

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