Internet URLs & 25,000 Collectible Cards [MarbleCards Milestones]

Why have people created over 25k collectible cards of Internet URLs?

In just a few months, people have marbled 25,000 Internet memories on Marble.Cards. The first generation of cards will come to an end on Thursday together with the release of, a collection where people can tokenize their favorite books.

We reached out to the founders to get their take on why so many cards have been created:

We think people are excited about these cards because, I would argue, they are the most personal of any collectibles that are out there. People create them of things they care about, and get attached to them because they are the creators. In Sweden we call that the Ikea effect.

Johan Unger

Mattias Tyrberg continues;

We also see that the actual marbling process engages people. You marble a memory from the Internet to save it, but you don’t know what the frame will look like until the card shows up for the first time. Or as one artist in our community put it – Marble allows me to forever save my work in a beautiful format, which I can then give or sell to whoever I want.

Mattias Tyrberg

So, what’s next?

Considering only 20 sites have opened for marbling so far, it will be very interesting to see what happens when more and bigger sites opens up. Players have started battling each other with their cards on Discord and it will be exciting to see if it can adapt some of the mechanics of a normal trading card game.

“The use cases for having unique tokens tied to urls are very wide, and we expect there to be many applications on top of the MarbleCards platform. What we are most excited about right now is finishing the original vision for the platform, a sort of gamified Reddit where users can improve their cards and earn crypto“ says Johan.

Additional information is available in this Medium post.

488 Cards on Creative Crypto

Creative Crypto was opened up for marbling in March. So far has 488 cards been marbled from our site, so it looks like people who play MarbleCards like to create Creative Crypto cards!


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