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What is HEDE?

Offical defination of HEDE is:

HEDE is a collaborative knowledge sharing dictionary where you share information about anything in the universe by first defining it. We let different authors add an entry into any HEDE topic without approval, so it becomes fun and enjoyable way of creating wikis on Steem. We encourage authors to share valuable and informal information based on their experiences as we don’t check for accurateness. source

It is an interesting platform which uses blockchain technology with our experiences. You add an entry about anything in universe and define it with your experiences. After, other authors define your topic with their own impressions. At the end of all, we get a big sharing dictionary about everything which was written by diverse authors. All the entries are published on Steemit at the same time, so you get rewards from Steemit users. Also HEDE has an account in Steemit, @hede-io, and mostly curate these articles.

Here are some examples of entries:


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If you have a Steemit account, you can easily connect with HEDE and share your topics. Both of them use the same method for posting. There is no approval needed to publish any entry, you are totally free to choose your words and topics.

There was similar projects like Urban DictionaryEksi Sozluk and Wikia but HEDE uses the Steem Blockchain and provides authors an opportunity to earn Steem cryptocurrency.

You can get big information about the HEDE platform here :

Here are the links about HEDE platform:

Official website: https://hede.io
Github repository: https://github.com/Hede-io/hede.io
Steemit account: @hede-io
Platform tag: #hede-io
Discord server : https://discord.gg/KPCwuZC

I hope you will contribute with your experiences at HEDE platform and earn some Steem with us!

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