Hash Rush: Real-Time Strategy and Crypto Gaming [Alpha Sign-ups]

For all those gamers who were waiting for a “”real”” blockchain game, I’ve got a good news. Hash Rush Alpha registrations are open now. Register and experience how blockchain games are evolving to compete with mainstream popular gaming titles.

Watch this video from Pre-Alpha (6 months ago) and you’ll know what I mean.

You’ll be able to play the Alpha from 31st July onwards, up until September. Pre-Alpha was mainly about constructing basic buildings and scavenging resources. The Alpha will feature combat and initial marketplace, a complete overhaul of buildings, quests and much better graphics and textures. Some new mobs are also waiting to welcome you! 👾👻

Psst…got an insider news. The 1000 slots for Alpha are almost filled. Only a few spots remain. So hurry now. Pause your PUBG for a while and sign up for the Alpha! Thank me later man, but go and register first!!

Register here to be a part of the action!

Project Name: Hash Rush
Website: https://www.hashrush.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/playhashrush
Steemit: @hashrushgame

All images are courtesy of hashrush.com.

This post was authored by @siddartha.

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