Fundition: Transparent Crowdfunding for a Cause


Decentralized Kickstarter of the Future

Fundition is a decentralized, collaborative / peer-to-peer crowdfunding platform that is situated on the Steem blockchain. This platform aims to take the place of currently existing centralized systems such as Kickstarter, GoFundMe, Patreon, or Indiegogo. Organizations and individuals are offered a way to donate to or fund-raise for important projects.


How does it Work?

Fundition gives Steem users four options:

  • Founder, which launches projects in order to raise funds from Supporters, and Backers. The Founder sets a target goal for the project and the various supporters are rewarded by the Founder to the Backer.
  • Collaborators, who can assist or take part in projects with a Founder.
  • Supporters, who give funds to the Founders by giving heart donations via upvote. All Supporters are given HeartPower (SP) rewards for their upvotes.
  • Backers, who also give funds to the Founders through giving heart donations via Steem, cryptocurrency, or fiat.

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How will it Change the Industry?

Fundition, in comparison with other traditional platforms that are centralized, has its own advantages to utilizing the platform. Unlike other platforms, there are no middlemen dividers between the Founders and the Backers, which presents a way for Backers to support the projects of Founders without having to pay a fee.


Both Backers and Founders can benefit from Fundition, where the Backer has a one way relationship with the Founder, and they are rewarded by giving to projects in two ways. They either get rewards from the Founder or they get rewards in HeartPower for any contribution that they make, big or small. Founders also get benefits from contributions directly from Backers, no fees attached. Founders receive additional rewards for any content updates that they make in addition to the final delivery.

What is its Current State?

  • Check out their most recent Fundition Update here!
  • Catch this update on the Internet Access Project here!
  • Steem for the Kids! Check out this Sports Plaza Powered by the Blockchain here!
    steem for the kids.png

  • Check out updates on this New Shop for Women Empowerment project here!

Project Details

Project Name: Fundition
YouTube: Channel link
Discord: Chatroom link

All images are courtesy of @fundition.

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