FRAMED: Black & White Portrait Shoot


FRAMED: Black and White Portrait Photography Shoot 4/4 Complete Preparation

@playitforward (below) is experimenting with doing different types of photo shoots with models in LA. Each shoot explores a new creative concept, uses different models, styles of approach, and different crew. The results are stunning, and the process is shown along the way.

The goal is to use cryptocurrencies like Steem and SBD as a creative tool to be able to power creative collaborations. Behind each of these shoots is several people doing lighting, hair, makeup, retouching, photography, modeling, etc. It takes a team to make these images shine, and thanks to cryptocurrency and blockchain @playitforward is able to achieve photographic styles that may not have been created without the blockchain.

Original Posts for the Black and White Shoot

Part 1/4 Concept and Style
Part 2/4 Casting and Early Preparation
Part 3/4 Wardrobe
Part 4/4 Complete and Summary


Setting up was a little easier this time around. No need for excess stands for acrylic or colored gels. The lighting was also quite simple.

Some Animated Gifs during the process!


Final Images

AldonBnWportrait__455.6 bw.jpg
AldonBnWportrait__1048.6 bw1.jpg
AldonBnWportrait__907.6 bw.jpg
AldonBnWportrait__311.6 bw.jpg
AldonBnWportrait__1131.6 bw.jpg
DSC_5900.51 cropped.jpg
AldonBnWportrait__499.6 bw.jpg


Thanks to @sndbox@pfunk@beanz@kommienezuspadt and the rest of the community for the support on this project!

Be sure to check out more of @playitforward’s creative initiatives on the Steem blockchain at his Steemit profile.

This post was authored by @playitforward.

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