Exploring Blockchain Urbanism [Sndbox Guest Lecture at Columbia University, NYC]

Cryptocurrency + The Future of Cities

How does blockchain technology engage the real-life communities surrounding us? Last week, The Creative Crypto Magazine and Sndbox co-founder Kirk Finkel was invited to speak at Columbia University GSAPP (Graduate School of Architecture, Planning & Preservation) as part of a Summer Lecture Series in New York City. The talk was centered around blockchain, cryptocurrency, and how these new technologies are impacting design. Specifically, our team highlighted Steem as a community building resource that is drastically changing the way we connect, collaborate and create in the digital era.

Watch the full lecture, click play:


New Tools to Empower Creative Practice

You can also watch the talk on DTube, a decentralized Youtube powered by Steem. Here, the lecture video is held securely across a global network and not by a single authority or company. Very literally, the first time this lecture was shared on the web, it was published on a blockchain.


Lecture: Blockchain Urbanism: Exploring The Future of Decentralized Design Practice
Location: Avery Hall, Columbia University (New York City)
Announcement: Columbia, GSAPP
Website: www.sndbox.co
Event Poster: By Yiran Park with illustrations by Zsolt Vidak

This is a guest post by @sndbox.

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