ETH.TOWN: Become a Crypto-Investor in Gamified Real Estate


The Crypto Tower, Investing, and You

ETHTown is a blockchain game where you are a real estate investor that is looking to buy low, sell high, get bonuses and grow your shares in the crypto-enterprise. This all takes place within the Crypto Tower, which is a tower structure that is 100% developed in the crypto world. The conditions are very malleable, as every floor has its own set of rules, such as different profit structures, regulations, etc. Some floors even host mini-games such as the Dice mini-game granting part of its revenue with people that have the “dice” gene.



Heroes are an essential asset to the game, as they help maximize the revenue from floors and generate revenue for their owners as well, as you can earn more Ethereum as your characters level up. They all start at level 0, and begin developing once you take them on these life-contemplating journeys which elevates them to level 1. The cost of these heroes rises as their level goes up, as the level 15 hero is most powerful tier of characters.

Heroes are very important, because all actions are played through your heroes. They are fully engageable and retain special relations to certain floors.

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Named ETIT Tokens, they are one of the key aspects of ETH.TOWN. Token holders will automatically receive a portion of all the profits that are generated from this game’s activity and interaction. Compatible with the ERC-20 protocol, and can only be earned through certain actions that occur in the game. Furthermore, you can use these tokens to buy stuff for your heroes, along with doing any operations concerning your hero.

Project Details

Project Name – ETHTown
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All images are courtesy of ETH.Town.
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