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Artists Re:Thinking the Blockchain is a book published by Torque Editions, and it is a compilation of projects involved with the blockchain through a diverse set of media. These include commissioned art documentation, fiction, essays, and illustrations. All of these ideas give their take on what path the blockchain technology might be in the future.

Artists Re:Thinking the Blockchain serves as a hub for contemporary ideas surrounding the enigma that is the blockchain and what it is capable of impacting in the creative industries. The book is made up of the following:

  • Theorisation of important areas by famous writers, such as Rachel O’Dwyer, Rob Myers, Holly Herndon, Ben Vickers, and Hito Steyerl.
  • Poetry, Speculative Fiction, and Illustrations by Cecilia Wee, Theodorios Chiotis, and Juhee Hahm
  • Documentation of blockchain projects, which include inspirational works such as Terra0, Bittercoin, and Plantoid.

There is a constant idea that is threaded throughout the book which highlights the web-based project, Finbook, which is an interface platform where both bots and readers can exchange on the worth of chapters that are included in the book. The layout of the book itself maintains a new form of text interactivity.

The book has been widely shared and presented, including the following –

  • Edinburgh City Gallery
  • Institute of Network Cultures Amsterdam
  • FACT
  • Art Review London
  • Transmediale Berlin

Read some of the reviews here, and here.

Project Details

Book Title: Artists Re:Thinking the Blockchain
Publication Date: September 2017
Distributor: Liverpool University Press
PDF Download: PDF link

All images are courtesy of Torque Publications.
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