Decentraland Launches $5 Million Decentralized Gaming Fund

New Platform for Ambitious Projects

Decentraland is launching a whole new initiative to give opportunities to other projects, and provide them the tools and framework that innovators and entrepreneurs need to push the boundaries of blockchain gaming. Decentraland is starting a program called the Genesis Content Program, which is meant to invite different teams of developers and artists to submit proposals for their own respective interactive experiences or blockchain games. There is also an investment of $5 million in project financing to incentivize this innovation and growth for decentralized online gaming.

Several key characteristics that are heavily considered when thinking about these different games contained in Decentraland include:

  • Distributed ownership – shared, open-source for user generated content
  • Limited graphics – web-first approach, focusing on a low-poly aesthetic
  • Small parcel footprints – Consideration for scarce land, limited play space

Some great precedents to work the proposals off of include:

  • Skill competitions – Skilled player 1v1s
  • Crafting – Building your own 3D content with exclusive materials
  • Scavenger hunts – Collect, find, keep, or sell exclusive digital assets
  • Loot crate games – Buy, store, or create loot crates containing secrets for other players to discover
  • Parcels as play squares – Giant game board for multiple players

Submit your proposal for consideration here!

Project Name: Decentraland
Discord: Chatroom link
Telegram: Chatroom link

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