DADA: Speak Visually, Get Art through Crypto


The Magic of Visual Conversations


DADA is a social platform built on the Ethereum blockchain where users have conversations with one another using drawings as the common medium. The resulting community becomes an entity that invigorates artists to connect to one another, create, and collaborate where their talents, efforts, and time are rewarded.


DADA is completely free, and brings together artists from different countries and backgrounds to create literal conversations that are purely visual, which paves its way to a new innovative method of creating art. This platform is also very versatile in that artists can use DADA to improve their skills, communicate their feelings, make friends, or just simply express themselves to other creative people. For example, Flor Bellora would start by drawing a flower, but with other people’s contribution, the narrative ended as a story about an indigenous tribe in the jungle.

How can it Change the Industry?

Even trying to search through many of the centralized websites, there are no platforms that function like DADA’s does. There are no platforms that completely dedicate themselves to becoming the liaison for artists to talk to one another through the artwork.


This platform is still in its early phase, but there will be a system that is implemented for users to buy other peoples artwork with a universal cryptocurrency. After the artwork is sold, the rewards are evenly distributed between the multiple artists that contributed to the art piece itself.

What is its Current State?

  • The race is on to achieve DADA’s 100,000th drawing! Boris Z. Simunich is bringing his A-game.
    Check out his trail of artworks here!
  • @Grandenchilada, or Judy Mam, co-founder of @powerdada will be speaking at the BCI Summit charity event in NYC on July 25! Get your tickets and event details here!


Project Details

Project Name: DADA
Steemit Account: @dadanyc

All images are courtesy of DADA.

This post was authored by @twotoedsloth.

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