CryptoKitties Auctions $25,000 ‘Honu Kitty’ Collectible to Fund Ocean Preservation


Unexpected Collaboration For Good

CryptoKitties collaborated with several different marine conservation organizations by creating a unique rare CryptoKitty called the Honu Kitty. This asset is the first collectible that is environmentally friendly, and creates awareness for the protection of endangered sea turtles. ACTAI Global and Ocean Elders are two different conservation initiative communities that focus on the preservation of the environment, and teamed up with the CryptoKitties team to conduct an auction for interested crpyto-users. With a total of 18 bids, the Honu Kitty sold for $25,000, with which the earned funds are going to be donated to the Sea Shepard Conservation Society’s Operation Jairo and Unite BVI Foundation’s Saving The Turtles Project.

There has been multiple efforts to do a fundraiser for great causes in the blockchain community, including back in May, CryptoKitties sold 370 different kitties to raise $15,000 for a children’s hospital in Seattle.

Project Name: CryptoKitties, Honu Kitty Fundraiser
Discord: Chatroom link

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